Installing Dropbear with Enhanced Security Options

This guest article is a detailed guide to the Dropbear SSH service, intended for technical readers. It is meant to be one of the first in the VDOO Library, a collection of in-depth technical articles and guides which would provide practical advice to device makers, administrators and users.

Our guest writer, Donald A. Tevault, is a Linux security expert, instructor and consultant, and the author of the book “Mastering Linux Security and Hardening”.

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Major Vulnerabilities in Foscam Cameras

For the past several months, VDOO’s security research teams have been undertaking broad-scale security research of leading IoT products, from the fields of safety and security. In most cases, the research was carried out together with the device vendors for the sake of efficiency and transparency.

As part of this research, VDOO researchers found zero-day vulnerabilities in devices of several vendors. These vulnerabilities were disclosed to the vendors, in accordance with responsible disclosure best practices, and will be shared gradually after the disclosure periods are concluded.

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5 Initial Steps to Mitigate Security Threats in Consumer IoT Products

The major botnet variants seen over the last few years have been enabled primarily by a lack of basic security engineering practices applied to consumer IoT devices. BASHLITE, Mirai, Remaiten and Linux.Darlloz all relied at least partially on dictionary attacks that took advantage of well-known default username/password combinations to compromise devices.

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IoT Security Foundations: Authentication on the Internet of Things

This article is part two of the IoT Security Foundations series. In this post we will introduce authentication, its pitfalls, and what makes it interesting in the Internet of Things. This article focuses on password authentication mechanisms, the most common ways they get broken, and the right measures that IoT makers can take to achieve a high level of security. There are other advanced authentication methods, that can be more secure or more efficient than password authentication under specific scenarios, but we will leave the details of those for a later article in this series.

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