IoT Security Foundations

In this blog post, we will discuss what makes up the foundations of security in IoT, and begin a series of articles that will provide focused overviews on select topics within this field. We will focus on the client or device side of IoT, rather than the server or service side, since that is where some of the most unique challenges lie.

Back to the nineties

Over the last few decades, technological revolutions have completely changed the way we live. The personal computing revolution began in the early eighties – businesses began transitioning to a technology that allowed them to process data automatically, store it digitally and find it quickly and efficiently.

Security in the IoT Supply Chain

The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is somewhat infamous for its lack of security. In this article, part of our series on IoT security foundations, we will analyze the IoT supply chain, and examine how some of its elements affect IoT security, focusing on devices. We will then use this analysis as a basis to propose some industry and regulatory solutions.

Why generic solutions are no longer relevant for IoT security

The world we live in rapidly becoming more and more connected, on every thinkable level. From home devices, through wearables and all the way to medical solutions. This, of course, is the Digital Revolution, enabling consumers, businesses and industries to make better, more informed, real-time decisions to provide the best experience to the end user. This goes hand in hand with the growing ease of doing business and seamless engagement.